How It Works

3 Easy steps
  • Purchase

    1. Purchase

    Before you factory unlock your iPhone check the unlock availability:

    Step 1 - Select your iPhone model

    Step 2 - Select the network the handset is currently locked to

    Step 3 - Enter your iPhone´s IMEI (15 digits long)

    Step 4 - Click "Unlock Now" button

  • Follow The Steps

    2. Follow the Steps

    Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.

    Step 1 - Insert a NON AT&T sim (it can be any sim card from any other carrier such as T-Mobile etc...)

    Step 2 - Plug the iPhone to iTunes and do a Backup and Restore (backup, restore are normally optional and may not be needed)

    Step 3 - If your iTunes freezes you need to unplug the iPhone, wait 10 seconds and plug the iPhone back to iTunes and do the restore again.

  • Enjoy

    3. Enjoy

    Congratulations, now you iPhone is permanently unlocked.
    Enjoy your new more fun and functional iPhone!